Next school procedure

Your child is either already enrolled at one of the two Taalscholen in Amstelveen or will be starting there soon. On average a child attends a Taalschool for one school year (40 weeks) and then
goes on to attend a (Dutch language) elementary school. Below you find an explanation of how your child will eventually transfer from the Taalschool to a regular elementary school in Amstelveen.

Provisional advice
After your child has attended the Taalschool for 13 weeks, the Taalschool will determine and issue provisional advice. This will detail both the grade and the date at which your child can transfer to an elementary school. Depending on both the age and developmental stage of your child they may be tested as part of this process. The Centraal Informatie Loket (CIL) will inform you by email about the provisional advice once this is ready. This email will also contain an offer for three schools closest to your home address where there is availability. You are requested to inform the CIL of your order of preference for these schools before the date mentioned (usually within 3 weeks of receiving the email). Please also indicate in your reply to the CIL whether a brother or sister already attends an elementary school in Amstelveen or Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.

After the specified date your child will be assigned a place at the highest possible school of your preference.
Children who already have a brother or sister at a specific elementary school have priority at that school (please
note: there is no place guarantee!). In the event of over-registration for an elementary school, children will be
considered for a school in order of the distance from their home address.

Children of parents who have not indicated any preference will be assigned a place at a school based on

After the elementary school has been assigned, the CIL will inform you where your child has been placed by
email. The elementary school will then invite you for an introduction meeting and enrollment.

Final advice and placement
After your child has attended the Taalschool for 26 weeks of education, the Taalschool will convert
the provisional advice into the final advice. This confirms both the grade to which they will transfer and the
starting date and is made based on observations and test data. The CIL will inform you of this by email.
This completes and confirms the placement and enrollment at the elementary school for your child.

If after 26 weeks your child’s final advice is for a different grade than the advice made previously, this may mean
that there is no room at the originally assigned elementary school. In that case, the CIL will assist you in finding
another elementary school for your child(ren). If it turns out that your child has special educational needs, we
will see if the previously assigned elementary school can provide this support. The Taalschool will guide you in
this process.

Transfer to the elementary school
After your child has completed their final tests, the Taalschool will ensure a smooth transition, sharing all the
relevant details of your child with the new elementary school and coordinating the possibility of an orientation

If you decide not to remain in Amstelveen, we would like to hear this as soon as possible. In that case, we can
potentially free up a place at a preferred elementary school for another child.